New airbrush.

Johnny Cash. Airbrush painting

This is a airbrush painting of the infamous Johnny Cash. I managed to pick up an airbrush kit, I`ve always fancied giving it a go. This was my third painting. I`ll post the first and second at some point. Airbrushing is such a delicate instrument OF BLOODY TORTURE……. Before I tried it, I`d had never thought about it being so hard to use. I used to do loads of graffiti, back in the day. And thought airbrush, spray can, similar. Not really. I now look at real airbrush artists and KNOW these guys are legit. Such a difficult skill set. Even getting the `brush` to work how you want it, is an art in itself. Anyways, through holding my breathe, to trying to stay steady, I managed to get this painting done.

Painting size – 2ft X 3ft


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Written by RichardHarrison


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