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I am excerpting a new novelette that has been on board with me for long. I own the full copyrights(in fact I completely own the copyrights of all written words in my blogs) and this story is being excerpted in a ‘deep’ fashion as I would be showcasing a lot many chapters for the pleasure of the readers. Kindly enjoy.

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Continued from previous episode 17…….

Jim clenched his fists

went inside his house

quickly donned his uniform

and walked out

in a huff.

Soon he was speeding

in his official vehicle

towards the police mortuary

where the three dead bodies lay.

in a heavily guarded climate.

Jim’s orders for removal from

investigations had either

not arrived or those on duty

were not aware of the things

which had happened last night.

Jim was not stopped and

he went right inside with a zing

with salutes smarting

up all around.

He soon got the

mortuary unlocked

and stepped inside.

Floodlights were opened

on the bodies

and the chill inside

sent shivers down

the spines

of three men inside.

Jim, coroner(who was also called by Jim),

and mortuary in-charge,

Stephen formed the three men team.

Braving the sub-zero temperatures.

Jim said to George, the coroner,

“now did you run the DNA test

on any of these. ” George

replied in negative. Saying samples

are kept but DNA testing is done

only when the court is won

and it seeks results of such

tests as criminal evidence

at large.

Jim thought for a while

and whispered

to George and Stephen

” you know I have been

fired last night and yet you

know how much interest

in this case, I abide, I fear

there is much more than

that meets the eyes and I want

to prove that. It might save me

my job. You two are my long time


and help me in doing just that.”

George and Stephen nodded

and said they would take the risk

and soon George was on a frisk

taking private samples

from 5′ 10″ frame

that was supposed to be JR.

To be continued……………………

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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