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I am excerpting a new novelette that has been on board with me for long. I own the full copyrights(in fact I completely own the copyrights of all written words in my blogs) and this story is being excerpted in a ‘deep’ fashion as I would be showcasing a lot many chapters for the pleasure of the readers. Kindly enjoy.

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Continued from previous episode 11…….

Three men went inside the vehicle

to examine the dead

and soon came out with a report

that one of the dead

was exactly 5′ 10″

and they looked happy

that he had matched.

Leader, now who can be addressed as,

Shawn Hill was one of the most trusted

aides of JR and he was a criminal lawyer

by profession, for now

he asked his men to get the matched man dragged

out of the road and kept in bushes.

As soon as that was done

Shawn swung his mobile

into three or four

swift calls and then

took large strides

to where the match lay.

After a good five minutes

of examination

Shawn came out and told his men,”

the match is perfect and we will wait Maria

to arrive. Till then Hickle do get that rock

and get ready for some action.

It is then they saw headlights of a small car

speeding their way. All alerted

but then came out to where

the car had stopped.

Out came an attractive woman

and she was Maria Stroke,

a make-up expert

in one of the studios owned by JR.

A small copper haired woman

who had curves in places

as if all flowers were neatly packed

in exquisite vases.

She hurried out with her kit

and a package

and walked to Shawn.

Shawn asked one of the men

and Maria to go where

the matched man lay.

Maria was left alone there for about 30 minutes,

with the man returning immediately after having shown

her the way where matched man lay.

Once she was done she got in her car

and was made to wait a little far.

Shawn and Hickle then walked

to the matched man where

Hickle had deposited the rock.

Shawn was rather cold-blooded

and asked Hickle to lift the rock

and smash it

on the face of this match.

Hickle was about to do just that

when his eyes focused

on the man who lay dead.

He screamed, ” Sir, this is JR with

all his dress and decorations intact and

you sure want me to do this to him now”

To be continued……………………

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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