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I am excerpting a new novelette that has been on board with me for long. I own the full copyrights(in fact I completely own the copyrights of all written words in my blogs) and this story is being excerpted in a ‘deep’ fashion as I would be showcasing a lot many chapters for the pleasure of the readers. Kindly enjoy.

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Continued from previous episode 12…….

Shawn gave him a steely look and barked,”

No more questions, just do as you are told, and smash

it many times even on his thighs and genitals

so that nobody can recognize the dead and foretell.”

Hickle did just that spluttering the bush red

with blood and spray and sprinkle

came far and made a design of gore

on the road and their lower pants.

The face was a mess and mesh of flesh and blood

and even eyes had been crushed

and same was the fate of whole body

Just then another bigger vehicle

screeched to halt at the site.

There came JR’s private rescue

team from the aviation company that he had owned.

Shawn took them aside

and they were in discussions for 30 minutes.

Then rescue men stirred into moves.

Many began descent down the cliff

soon they found the wreckage laying on a grassy platform

some 3000 feet down with only two smashed bodies

around and the third was not be found.

They were looking for JR’s body

but his was simply not there

and it was as if the body had vanished

or earth had engulfed it all.

Then Shawn and Maria

came about again to the smashed body

and Shawn told her something in ears.

Maria was about to scream

and had almost vomited looking at

the condition of the body ahead.

Shawn told her to hold

and whispered “just singe his ears

on the back side with the needle and then dry it,

how long it might take”.

Maria did not reply

but holding her nose

she straight away singed the ears

and then applied some chemicals

to dry and make it all look years old.

Then she wiped tears from her eyes

and ran to the waiting car.

Shawn gesticulated her driver to drive away.

Then he beckoned rescue party

and men came and carefully

lifted the disfigured body

and began to descend it down

to the wreckage site.

Then they placed the body with the two dead

so that it all appear natural.

They signaled people up

and all up vanished in their vehicles

in five minutes flat.

Rescue party then took


of their handiwork

from hundreds of angles

and then they planted

3 invisible tree-mounted cameras

to guard and record the

time after they had left.

Soon somebody called

a police patrol van

and a little later

a police search squad

found the wreckage

and police vehicle

carrying Cath

had that broadcasted far and wide.

Next day media headlines screamed,”

Reclusive billionaire John Rawlins

found dead in a gory car accident”

To be continued……………………

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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