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I am excerpting a new novelette that has been on board with me for long. I own the full copyrights(in fact I completely own the copyrights of all written words in my blogs) and this story is being excerpted in a ‘deep’ fashion as I would be showcasing a lot many chapters for the pleasure of the readers. Kindly enjoy.

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Continued from previous episode 15…….

Learjet flew over hills

and then it carried on for

about an hour.

Descending in the low lights of dusk

and it soon touched the small airstrip,

which was again a private airstrip.

Adjacent to the landing place

was a beautiful building

which seemed like a luxury mansion.

Shawn got in his car

and alighted in the portico

of the building.

Two smart ladies at the reception

greeted him warmly

and he had a bit of chat

with each of them.

He probably was asking for some directions,

and having got them

Shawn rushed inside and vanished.

He did not emerge out

the whole of the night.

Sergeant Jim Slew

had been assigned


In JR’s case.

He had already sent

the dead bodies for autopsies.

On the third day, from the date of autopsy

the three reports were

sent to Jim.

Jim was going through them.

He was seated

inside a secret chamber

as he had clear instructions

to save everything from media,

in this case, and obtain the green signal

from the top before sharing anything

with the media.

Jim was seated with his back

to the door

on a revolving chair.

He was unaware

that there was a shadow

lurking behind the

door that was a bit ajar.

Without the sound of Jim’s knowledge,

the door opened a bit more

and Jim began to mumble loud, thus

” Three dead, two because of bullet hits in the back of the head,

and the other with a bullet in the chest.Two guys hit in the head

had their bodies crushed and maimed due to the impact of the fall

but third, had a body crushed due to strike by stone or rock. The third body had no signs of the impact of the fall”.

“How can this be possible?” Jim thought out aloud.

The shadow

swiftly shifted and vanished with a slight sound.

Jim was alerted but it was too late.

Jim rushed outside

but the eavesdropper was gone.

Jim sank back in his chair

and worried

what might happen to him

when media screams today or the next day.

To be continued……………………

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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