My Inkober art Part I

It’s finally October, and aside from the fact that it’s Halloween month, it’s one of my favorite months because Inktober takes place this month, where you draw stuff using pen and ink and share your creation to the world. I’ve been participating in Inktober since 2015, though I’ve only contributed one illustration that year. Last year, I was able to contribute three illustrations.

This year, I’ll try to contribute illustrations as much as I can. I was able to create three illustrations so far, and I’m sharing them here. I will also post more illustrations here once I’ve created another contribution for Inktober.

Modern Renaissance art

I made this as a joke, but I also consider ths as my first contribution for this year's Inktober. Basically, I redrew an image where people are panicking because a baseball bat flew in their direction and actually hit someone in the jaw. I named it 'modern renaissance art' because the peoples poses in the image remind me of the people's poses in renaissance paintings. The image I'm referring to will be seen below.


What do you think?

Written by janelledelacruz


  1. Amazing phasing of a picture to a drawing that is really great Art. I watch Super Girl at times and yet I learned from an Artist. Do artists see what Poets free by word and yet I heard something new that the artist KNEW DRAWING THE ABSURD BIZARRO.