Independence Day fanservice

Even if you are really, really into fireworks, why not give vets and pets the day off this year? Seriously, I don’t care how much you like fireworks, veterans and animals hate them so much more. Do you really think it is okay to completely freak someone out just so you can have a bit of meaningless fun?

Put differently; how would you feel if everyone decided to terrify you annually, for no good reason? You don’t need the trifecta- just take the beer and the BBQ and call it a win


What do you think?


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  1. Perfectly said Alex. I repeat it every year in case anyone missed the message. Vets and pets. Never heard it put exactly like that but it is true. And of course others, who have PTSD have a hard time as well. I will be glad when fireworks are banned. Probably will bed when I am long gone but I can dream.

    By the way…. wow at the fanservice! You have outdone yourself for this 4th day of July my friend. Miho’s look is crazy and I love it. She is hot from head to leggings. And that weapon. Wow is all I can say.

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