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Horse Reflections Artwork

This is an art piece I made quite a few years ago (probably 6 or 7 to be exact).  It’s one of my favorite that I have made.  I think that is because it was the first one I thought turned out good.

I used Gimp to create this art piece, as I usually do.  I mostly use Gimp to create my artwork, unless I am creating kaleidoscopes, then I use Corel Paintshop.  I get the brushes (like the horse, tree, and grass) from Deviant Art.  I am not very good at drawing, so brushes come to my rescue.  My art is placing them in such a way that they tell a story.

I put this on some items on Zazzle and they did pretty good.  It did better than a lot of the work I put on there.

I hope you all enjoy the art piece.  Let me know what you like or dislike about it (just please be constructive and not rude).  Thank you for your time.


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