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Girl with Impact Armor – WIP

Some folks like to portray their futuristic images in a shiny, brand new kinda style and there is nothing wrong with that approach but I generally like to give my pieces a more run down appearance, so my future has a lived-in look. I prefer this even when I’m not doing a dystopian style, because that is how the world really looks and our present is your grandparent’s future…

#1 underpainting

Still working on a loose painterly style that is tight enough to read as finished work. This seems to be a promising direction, don't you think?

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#2 work in progress

So here I am juxtaposing her shiny new impact armor with a run down background. Even when you don't try to read anything else into it, this approach helps segregate the figure from the ground; otherwise a uniform shiny approach would tend to flatten the image and that really pisses me off

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#3 rough sketch

The standard ballpoint and marker on graph paper, since that's a good look for this genre

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What do you think?

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