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Geology Exhibit part 1- omake

Once I was hiking with a buddy of mine who wanted me to wait up because “I have a &%$& geology exhibit in my shoes” he then proceeded to empty a first grade science fair project out of his sneaker. But that was some first rate geek humor right there…

this is the prequel to Geology Exhibit – part 2 but for some reason Virily really didn’t want me to post this so it took a while…

#1 illearth stone

If you've read the Covenant books, you might recognize this sinister stone

#2 quantum gemerald

I don't even remember what I said about this in the original post which was deleted

#3 emerald

now I am doing precious stones

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#4 hey, that’s marble!

the way I make quartz is, I start with marble and then start tweaking the translucency

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