Frozen Distraction

‘Frozen Distraction’ – it’s all about the Panther.

I attended business networking meetings 3 times a week for 9 years. To me, the breakfast meetings were analogous to speed dating sessions. Conversations/exchanges with other business owners were brief but information loaded. While in conversation with one person, most business owners were really only interested in promoting their own businesses whilst at the same time acutely aware of what was going on elsewhere in the room.

The Panther is the late arrival/new comer who always shifted attention… the unknown.

It seemed fitting to give each character a bird head, decorative, distinctive and each separate from the others.


What do you think?

Written by Gordon Coldwell


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    • I think my main issue is my age. I am 63. I have made a number of artworks throughout my life but it is in the last 2 and half years that I have made 600+ artworks. Most galleries start representing artists around the age of 30. In so doing they secure artists who have a lifetime of work in front of them. That also means they can invest in marketing the artist.

      It would be easier for me to make portraits or landscapes etc of a traditional kind where technique and obvious representation appeals to a wider market.

      I am trying to make work that in some way is new, my own pictorial language. Viewers have to want to understand and be curious about my work – my work isn’t about being decorative or looking good with curtains or wallpaper.

      Des that make sense?

  1. Thanks for your very positive comments. In the past 2 years, I have sold a number of my artworks via solo and group shows. I would very much like to be represented by one or more galleries, unfortunately it is proving difficult to find the right gallery.

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