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Turning A Smoothie Bowl Into Art Is Something Genius!

Smoothie bowls are so popular. These meals are loved for being healthy. We know that they can make the perfect breakfast. The right combination of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and supplements is an excellent start of the day. And we must not forget that you can get creative with them. Turning an ordinary smoothie in a smoothie bowl is a great idea. But, turning a smoothie bowl into art is something genius! And I must mention that it is a pretty hard thing to do. Drawing something with the help of smoothie could be a little bit tricky.

For all the healthy foodies, this will be the ultimate hit! Beautifully drawn parrots, peacocks and tigers are a thing you will not expect to see in a smoothie bowl. Check out these pieces of art and upvote your


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Written by Kristina


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