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dystopian tech – WIP

in the not too distant future (next Sunday AD) there was a girl named Cindy who liked to build things. perhaps I can get her to make me some robot friends? what really bothers me in movies is when someone builds a robot from scratch and then they somehow just write an AI in their spare time…

#1 third iteration

the intake looks right now

6 points

#2 base

the main issues I have here are the tire and the intake manifold

5 points

#3 first iteration

so I've done something with the tire and the intake, but I'm not really happy with either of them

5 points

#4 second iteration

there are actually a lot of things that would improve this badboy

5 points

#5 bonus

preview of a hopper. man, that thing is shiny!

5 points

What do you think?

10 points


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