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Different ways to skin a cat

When I am not sure what a piece needs, I have many options at my disposal to resolve the issue. So many that I am sometimes crippled by indecision (overwhelmed by options)

After a boast like that, you’d think I would post a half dozen examples here but nope- only two and a rough sketch. The point being that this is the same image with two radically different treatments.

#1 work in progress

I was thinking about Mobius when I did this one. She doesn't look like his style at all, but the background texture and color scheme might remind you of his work...

#2 high contrast

Same base image, with a high contrast treatment to really punch up the lights and darks. Amusingly enough, the background swap actually changed the apparent composition even though the figure hasn't moved at all!

#3 rough sketch

Here is the rough sketch, ballpoint on notebook paper

What do you think?

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