Dear Friend

While looking back, I laughed and showed it.Leave that day as it was when you were a kid. Always, always and always. It will not change, should be able to stay. Time flows, It flows to mischief. Night which ran up to the roof of Saint Church. I got all the world. I knew it was hurting, but,I could not do anything and I was watching the city.I do not even know the meaning of kindness yet. Only the light of the moon was watching two people. I want to keep crushing, forever. I do not want to memorize, stay by my side forever. Oh! Yeah So Long Dear Friend. I will cry when I get rain with Saint and suck me. Do not ask me anything, if you hold me. Always, always and always. Should have been able to believe. Time flows, it is swept away by mischief. Still this pain in my chest is still.

I know the feelings without lying. Do not just do it for words. Just holding it, I can not do anything. I can not say anything That’s fine. I know the feelings without lying. Do not need anything Laugh and show me.


What do you think?

Written by seriopscual


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  1. O quiet sensible friend
    I know you can feel the purity without lies
    I know what you can not find in the crowd
    and on the walls of the city
    therefore I do not judge you for anything either
    because I know who’s keeping you company
    and take care of you from within.
    (If tomorrow I come before you as a yellow leaf
    You do not even have to say hello or reply to my greeting
    but through your eyes, I will come in your dreams
    just to say; I’m another you.)

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