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I have always wanted to live on a Mediterranean island with just my special lady – far from the madding crowds, far from the pomp and the circumstance, far from the hustle and bustle, and especially far from the flotsam and the jetsam. It took some doing getting here and I really did have to biff a few of the tough guys before they realised I needed early retirement.

As I look out over the diamond-like sea I can at last count my blessings! To honour me, they gave me three wishes. My first was to have Josephine here with me. Delivered. My second was to have my crown and emperor’s cloak with me. Delivered. My third was to have my own brandy with me. Delivered. What more could a conqueror want? As I bask in the wamrth here, I can even forget that dreadful country Russia with its monstrous snowy steppes….

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Written by Jonathan Finch


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