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Come Lay With Me


Underneath the stars

Come lay with me,

Come chill with me

Lets count the constellation…

Lets pretend

we have x-ray eyes

We can count the planets,

You pick Jupiter

I take Mars or whichever,

Lets make a promise

to never say never…

Lets touch Venus

and learn about her mysterious genus,

Lets close our eyes

and travel the Milky way…

We can play a little,

We don’t have to go

to the 3rd heaven -yet,

But when I look

into your dazzling eyes

Let me explore the corridors

of your mind…

Let me navigate

untapped compartments

that you never knew existed,

Even that extraordinary

part of you to yourself

you hide so dearly…

Here’s an open invitation,

Any ole season

You don’t need a reason to

Come play,

Come lay with me…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil

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