What Can an Old Box Spring Be Used For?

I got the idea for this post from Define the Purpose of a Pipe by Teila Carroll Tankersley. Her thesis was that different people will see the possibilities of an object differently. Take that old box spring pictured above, for example. Too many people have seen it only as junk to be tossed into a deserted area, legal or not. Others may see it as junk they can get cash for at a recycling center.

Steven Boothe, an artist in San Luis Obispo, California, saw it as mixed assemblage art. He turned it into a place to store memories. He combined it with other things he found, from photos and old computer mice to flags and old signs used in past demonstrations.  He titled it “Layers of Memory” and priced it at $250. Then he displayed it in an exhibit at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles. I have no idea if it ever sold, but its very creation proves that one man’s trash can truly become another man’s art materials.

I saw the finished work of art as something unique I should photograph.

Can you think of any other thing this box spring could have been used for after it was discarded?

What do you think?

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