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Villa Giulia- A Breathtaking Vila In Italy You Will Love To Visit

Italy! A country where the food is delicious, streets are narrow, cafes – romantic and history is still alive. Italy has always been one of the most favorite countries for many tourists. This country is warm, friendly, and interesting. And there is always something new to experience. For example,you can always walk the beautiful corners to feel the romance of the Mediterranean. Italy is perfect place for vacation. We can show you amazing photos of one villa in Italy, so that you can decide if this place will be your next holiday offer. This beautiful villa offers everything needed for perfect vacation, including a full kitchen, patio, comfy bed etc.

Villa Giulia is the name of this beautiful house built in the Renaissance style that leaves a romantic and dramatic impression. It is located in southern Italy, on the shore of the town of Sorrento. Italian glamour and simple elegance are present in every part. There are six bedrooms and four floors. This luxurious interior among other things, include frescoes and sculptures from history, as well as valuable paintings.

Outside of the house there is a spacious botanical garden with more than 700 types of herbs and plants. The pool has a spectacular view and the terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. Despite this, there is a  private beach near the villa. Villa Giulia is surely a place where you will feel like you’re in an Italian movie. I’m sure you would like to go. The view is breathtaking.


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