This stretch of land will probably be torn apart

until its skin which full of life then hidden by water

then this lovely soul

the ball person will align itself

in a short break

wrap itself in a thick boiling cocoon of clouds

maybe just a hundred million years or billions

to get rid of the acute pain that is difficult to heal

by gaping wounds in flesh and blood

from the skin to the heart of this loving person

due to the dramatic stories of the creeping bugs

who have planted the root of the ego tree

and fertilize themselves with fine roots of selfish

be a predator for any creature for its interests.

Or, can we begin to love and respect him sincerely

A little more sincere than just saying the words?

or indeed the bugs can only act solely for the sake of interest for them self?

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – Break.


What do you think?


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