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Afraid of Sunlight – a retrospective

The latest incarnation of my website is Afraid of Sunlight. It is currently on it’s third iteration, with the addition of this new splash screen

My earliest idea was to have me cowering in a corner of my studio, hiding from some rays of light but I discarded that concept because it only tells you that I am afraid of sunlight. I decided it would have a more powerful impact if I could teach you to be afraid of sunlight. Below are my attempts to do just that…

#1 current version

Now it has a nice fine art sort of feel, which is perhaps more suitable for an artist's website. At any rate, it is more indicative of my current style but let's take a look at the evolution of this splash screen...

#2 previous version

This version features true subsurface scattering that I also played up in the postwork. I also wanted the skyline to be richer than the previous iteration (seen below) and finally punched up the glow to be burning through the fingers

  1. I loved all the pieces, but I like that the hand here is tilted a little bit more. The current version looks more like waving at the sky, but I love the colors there. The original one is great too!



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  1. I thought i commented on all of the ones from this post, but evidently not lol. I am not afraid of the sunlight I just use sunscreen lol. Great one!