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Abstract Photo Moto 77

The Abstract Photo Moto Series is a grouping of silent fine art films I am in the process of working on. A lot about the series has been explained in earlier posts of a few other films from the series. I encourage you to provide your own music if you want to. That is if you are not already listening to something as you read this. Or, you can watch it as it was intended to be seen as a purely visual experience. I was asked why I didn’t put music with these films and I said it was because music is a bully. My goal is to create purely visual experiences that promote feeling through colors and compositional changes.

To make these films I used my digital camera as if it was the 8mm camera from my first experiences in filmmaking. (That’s right I’m old) When I do abstract photography I have a rule that whatever I can manipulate to come straight from the camera is what I get. No cropping, no enhancing, and  no adjustments of any kind can be made. I realized that if I could manipulate an image straight from the camera then I could animate them. The APM Series was born.

This one is especially colorful and has a good tempo. Go full screen because it’s in HiDef! Please enjoy this purely visual experience.


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  1. Thank you. I also like this one more than many of them. It’s very colorful and has lot’s of movement. I was a lighting designer so the colors are a major focus when I’m making these. Have a great day!

    • Thanks very much, … I’m glad that this works. It also alerted me that it would be better to show the Tube ones. Lots of people would likely have trouble with the Vimeo and I would never know.
      Have a great day!


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