A Day of Art: Living the Art Life

Saturday, 4.14.18

I worked on retouching some pages for my graphic novel all morning. Then, I got ready for art reception at 5pm. By 7:30 pm, I was back home, relaxing in front of my computer as well as working on my graphic novel.

#1 This is a drawing from college in 1987.

I actually redrew this scene for a page in my graphic novel. But I redrew it smaller and colored it with colored pencils. 

#2 An Evening of Discussing Art and My Sprained Thumb

I just noticed that there wasn’t a jazz band at this art reception, probably because most of the artists were young artists from Pre-K to teenagers. I decided not to add any background music for this video because I wanted to keep it natural with background voices chatting and mingling, discussing art, their kids, their kid’s art, and just having fun at an art meetup. Most of the young kids went outside to play together because the weather was very warm. It felt like summertime. I drove back home in daylight, enjoying my peaceful drive. The streets were quiet. Maybe most people went to the beach.

My sprained thumb got attention because I am still wearing my thumb splint. I joke around that I feel handicapped, although I still do the same things that I have always done but with a metal splint which is like wearing a mini metal cast. At least, I can take it off to do certain things, like shower, soaking my hand in warm water with Epsom salt, retouch my graphic novel, and doing certain housework duties.

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#3 An Evening of Art with Young Aspiring Artists

I did this short video at the art gallery because I realized I forgot to record one wall in the art exhibit. This wall has artwork by Pre-K small kids. It is obvious who did these artworks because most small kids draw like that. The only artworks on this wall that I liked are the abstract colorful blots, in which I think is better than when adult artist do this abstract art, and I don’t really like abstract art. But the small kids pull it off better.

#4 Bear Street Artists Boutique–Spring 2018

In April 2018, I decided to browse inside the Bear Street Artists Boutique to check out what’s new. I noticed interesting artistic wall clocks. And, I think the butterfly on the wall would also make a cute wall clock. There are also scarves, mini purses, jewelry, copper sculptures to hang jewelry, and copper chain jewelry.


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