A childs prayer


What are you searching for?My precious child

Said Jesus to the child on bended knee

With his head resting on his handsI’m searching for joy

And hope, and love

And a nice bowl of porridge

When I awake

I’m seeking for peace

For mum and dad

To let the fighting stop

So we can be together again

I’m seeking for grace

And forgiveness again

For chasing the cat

And scaring the bird

I’m seeking to serve you

To give you my heart

To tell all my friends

How precious you are

I’m seeking your healing

For my Nan who is sick

I know you reach down

From the heavens above

I’m seeking patience

In church tomorrow

To sit through the sermon

Without making a noise

My son you are precious

And special to me

I have heard your prayers

Now leave it to me


What do you think?


Written by Julia Clark

Story MakerYears Of Membership


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