25 Exquisitely Composed Photos That Each Tell A Unique Story

Have you ever thought about nature as the central theme composition in a photograph? In order to explain the concept, let’s say you begin the process of creating a photograph based on some or other natural object, which has caught your eye.

Perhaps the object is a tree at sunset, standing on a dry patch of ground, surrounded by a large body of water, or a young child playing in a water puddle after a summer rain. Whatever that “something” is, it is worthwhile capturing and sharing it with viewers of your art form.

The problem is, that your viewers weren’t there when you took the photograph, nor could they feel or see the scene as you did.It is for this very reason, that the quality of your composition, can help you project that intimate moment you experienced, to your viewer who could be many miles away, perhaps they are scattered across the globe.It was with that in mind, when these 25 exquisitely composed photographs, that each tell its own unique story, were selected.


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