Past times #1

The capital of modern Bulgaria is an ancient city.

Now I do not want to go into historical details, but I will try in a series of pictures to present some of the buildings built in the last century, albeit in a not so good condition.

I’m going to start with a building that was sizeable for the neighborhood.

My walk starts in Hadji Dimitar quarter. It was first noted on a map of Sofia in 1937.

So while I was walking around the neighborhood in search of graffiti, I fell into this house. Broken, frayed windows with fallen plaster. There was something that attracted my eye. In this neighborhood the old houses are usually 1-2 floors, and this looks different. I tried to imagine it in those years when it was built.

It is now desolate and somewhat ridiculously in the background of new buildings.

Pity! Little by little this city is losing its appearance.

I suppose she will be left to self-destruct or hurry to break it down to keep another concrete miracle …

What do you think?

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