Why do the dogs eat grass

       If you have a pet dog you must have seen it eating grass and you wonder why. First of all, let me tell you that is totally a normal process. That’s something they’ve learned from their ancestors while hunting other animals. Just because those animals were herbivores whose bodies were consuming a lot of plants that were controlling the work of the intestines and the stomach. Nowadays the pets are fed with processed meat and crackers, they have a need of regulation of the intestinal flora. 

       A pain in the stomach could also be a fair reason for a dog to eat grass. That’s how one knows if the dog has a sensitive stomach. More less than not, this could be an indicator that the dog has parasites inside or lack of enzymes which help with the digestion. 

       It is good to know that there’s nothing unusual if a dog eats grass, only within normal limits. In case you see this happening very often, it is better if you consult a vet.


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  1. From what I understand, every now and again a dog will get an upset stomach from a modern diet. The grass provides fiber and helps them regurgitate something nasty they’ve eaten because they want to eat aaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyyything.

    Great post.

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