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What do you know about birds? U.S

There is an animal that embodies the power and power of the United States. It appears on: the money of the United States, the emblem of the United States, the insignia of the president of the United States … that is the white eagle head.

Whitehead eagle

English name: Bald Eagle

Scientific name: Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Two subspecies: H.I.Leucocephalus and H.I.washingtoniensis

White-headed eagle is a leading prey species in North America. This bird is a symbol of the United States. It is found in the centers of abundant food and dense forests in Alaska, Mexico, in contiguous Canada.

White Eagle was honored to represent “American power”

“Bald eagle” comes from the older meaning and the greater value of the word “white head”: that is wisdom, stature, and strength.

White-headed eagle is a large bird, with a body length of 70 to 102cm, a wingspan of 1.68m, weight about 2.5 to 7kg. In nature, white-headed eagles can live up to thirty years, and often live longer in captivity.

The main food of white-headed eagles is fish, especially salmon. It hunts down the fish by swooping down and catching the fish out of the water with its claws.

The bald eagle is the number one bird of prey in North America and is part of the belief of the people here.

White-headed eagle is an extremely powerful bird of prey. It can reach speeds of up to 56 to 70 km / h when starting and flapping, and about 48 km / h while carrying fish, its dive rate is between 120 and 160 km / h.

White-headed eagle is a sacred bird in the creed of North American cultures, the center of many religious and spiritual customs among American peoples. Not only that, it is considered a messenger between the gods and people of some ancient cultures.

The American emblem and the solemn, sacred presence of “Bald Eagle”

The ancient Aborigines of the Americas have conceived eagle claws as part of their spirit. Feathers are often used in traditional rituals. They believe that the eagle is a bird that has direct contact with the world of God, a symbol of peace.

White eagle head (Bald Eagle) with great strength and spiritual value has become a representative animal, a symbol of the strength of America from the past.

Presidential Medal of the United States

Coat of Congress United States

The United States Supreme Court Medal


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  1. I tend to believe the eagle has been used as a symbol of power by United States due to its ability to fly higher than any other bird. As U.S. is the top powerful nation in the world, it just seems right they would go after eagle as a symbol of their status. It was a nice read.

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