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Your Today’s Dose of Smol Puppers

Dogs are literal Godsend creatures, no? They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, faces but there is one thing among them all…THEY’RE CUTE AS FRICK WHEN THEY ARE BABIES! Puppies are the best things that have ever happened to this world. But there are some puppies who stay puppies for life. In other words, there are some smol pupper breeds that stay small for life. Do you want their names? Here’s not the place where you find their names but you can swoon over the ADORABLENESS OVERLOAD.

Below is a list of 10 small puppies who deserve all the hugs and love and squishes in the world (don’t squish them too hard, Cruella De Vil).

If you are interested in a sequel of this post, leave a comment below. It will be more than a pleasure to waste hours staring at these angels. Then we can both swoon over these illegally cute creatures.


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Written by Hadeel Ibrahim


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