Holding a piece of nature in your palms

Yesterday, I watched as a man held a sparrow in a handful. Maybe not the sparrow – I didn’t recognize from the far, but certainly not the cock.

The poor bird flew into the café on the seashore, landed on the windowsill, where I drank coffee, started knocking the window glass with his beak and could no longer escape. Suddenly one man gripped the bird in his palms – gently so as not to break the fragile body and bring him to the street. And the bird didn’t even move, he looked like the dead in fear.

All the cafe visitors looked at them from the inside through the big windows. Man released sparrow and he flew away.

I imagined what a wonderful feeling it is to hold a piece of nature in your palms!

And then I remembered the feeling how in the Fuerteventura in the sea I stepped on a tiny fish Skate – the fish was hiding in the sand of bottom. The Skate fluttered, I bounced back from the fear and we parted peacefully.

Today morning I drove to the work with a smile – we have not yet destroyed everything.

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