The Ultimate Panda Heaven: You Are Allowed To Hug Them Here!

Pandas are so cute. These fluffy black and white bears are recognizable and adored by the whole world. We know them for being so lazy and super-cute. A place with lots of panda bears will sure sound like a place you want to visit. And yes it really exists. Bonus: you can cuddle them too!

Where can you find it?

The heaven is located in Chengy panda base in Sichuan province, China. For short it is known as Panda base. It is a facilty where they create natural habitat for pandas and other endangered wild animals. Here they can enjoy and live their life as they would normally do  in nature. With that, they provide them the best conditions for breeding. The giant pandas are a Chinese national treasure. People all over the world adore them.

This facility has recreated the panda’s natural habitat. It includes fodder room, sleeping quarters and a medical station. Additionally, there is a special museum and research laboratories. This is the world’s only thematic museum for rare and endangered animal species. The Giant Panda Museum was opened in 1993 for education and to improve public awareness of the protection of wild animals and their environment.Visitors can see the pandas and how they live. Here you can see the pandas lying around or munching on bamboo . You can also cuddle these cute creatures!

You can see little baby baby pandas that are so adorable! Here we have a baby panda feeding himself.

#1 Snack time for baby pandas


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