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Six Facts About Baby Elephants + Adorable Photos That Will Instantly Put A Smile On Your Face

Averaging 13 feet tall and 15,000 pounds the elephant is the world´s largest animal on land. Unfortunately, because of numerous reasons such as poaching or habitat destruction, the world´s population of elephants has been drastically decreasing. To raise awareness of these intelligent, social and emphatic mammals, below you can read some interesting facts about baby elephants and also see a few adorable pictures of these gentle giants that will instantly put a smile on your face.

A baby elephant is called a calf. It typically has a birth weight of roughly 250 pounds and is typically a little under three feet tall.

About 99% of baby elephants are born at night.

Usually, baby elephants are born with curly black or red hair on their foreheads.

Baby elephants can’t see very well at first, but they use touch, scent and sound to recognize their mothers.

Baby elephants drink their mother’s milk for about two years (sometimes longer) and are consuming up to 3 gallons of milk a day.

At first, baby elephants don’t know what to do with their trunks beyond swinging it to and fro or sucking it like a baby would suck its thumb.


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  1. Additional info: Elephants don’t sleep too long laying on the ground, coz their internal organs might get severely damaged due to their heavyweight. Anyway, your trivia so good, i like it very much…i voted up!

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