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Shelter Animals

All these animals are in shelter victims of indifference and indifference – animals that need love and care and that they will return it with more. Cats are the most forgotten, so visit a shelter and adopt one cat. You will have a lifelong friend and give the opportunity for an abandoned or abused animal to have a chance to have a happy life.

In the shelters or kennels you can find all kinds of animals from dogs, cats, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits and even some lizard … all of them victims of neglect and expectancy, let us think that every living thing has feelings. In the shelters or kennels work volunteers who give the first cures to the animals that come in bad conditions. They bathe them, feed them and sometimes thanks to the donations of the people can continue with their enormous work. Animal lovers like me can make you think that those poor animals are alone and need to cared for. So go on and adopt some – there are many animals looking for family.


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Written by Itzikuna

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