Seagulls – Flying Stray Dogs of the Cities

It is summer already – nothing that nature is charring, alternating seasons an hour and as if trying to deny us the summer. And from the thoughts of the sea.

Not to mention forgotten on tables, benches or baked pots, snacks. These are large and aggressive birds – there are cases in which even rats are lurking in the evening, so even the rats are not protected from their aggression. That’s what they call the flying stray dogs of the big city.

The reason is that each couple has an area – a territory that she considers to be her own and allows even close relatives of the same species as competitors for that territory.

For seagulls, the so-called. Formation of colonies. Therefore, several couples are allowed to live together. So next year, expect another couple to circle next door. Width of the wings is about 70-80 centimeters, weighing up to half a kilo, most often they have a characteristic strong beak, that is, this bird has attributes that allow it to survive by adapting to a suitable environment.

I will be glad if you visit a roses post and add your photography. They are not just near the sea. There are other places that populate.

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