Putting a Pet Down-Why You should Stay With Them

I read why pet owners should be with their pets if they are being put down. The link here explains how pets literally search for their owners for comfort.  This torn my heart apart for a specific reason. When we had to put Tinker down I was with him at first, but then I was advised to remember him how he was due to the fact they were planning on putting a catheter in him, because his veins were not cooperating. I will never know if he searched for me. Should I feel bad? I wanted to stay, but the vet assistant wanted me to remember him how he was. I will never leave one of my pets again. it must be harder on them than us

Please read this information about what happens when a pet is near death.

  Putting down a beloved pet 


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  1. I understand what you are going through LaJenna. I had to to have two of my pets put down (three if you count my ex’s dog). My first one was my beautiful dog Princess who would have become sixteen years old before I had her euthanized. She developed a sudden kidney problem and the vet advised me that at her age it would be considerable be better for her to be euthanized rather than suffer all kinds of treatments. I agreed and stayed with her all the time until the very end, all the while talking to her and saying I love you Princess. My second dog, Tasha was put down at about 13 years old after she developed kidney problems also. I stayed with her throughout and have never regretted it. But as for dear Tinker, I am sure that in cat heaven or animal heaven he looks down at you and wishes you well and that he does not want you to regret leaving him behind. I can tell you he understands in his own silent way.

  2. It all depends on what is happening with the pet. If he is at home and just ready to pass on then, of course, you should not leave his side. However, if it is a vet situation then it also depends on the vet’s rules and on how bad things are. It is a tough choice to make but if you are already feeling bad you do not want to wind up feeling even worse by seeing your pet really suffering and you not being able to do anything. Personally, I do not think that a pet would look for their owner but they would be thinking it and wondering why the person they love is not there. One way or another I would prefer to have more time with any of my pets. My first cat a female died in my arms at 12 with respiratory problems. Now I have my Sid and he is 12 but healthy and happy I just don’t want to think of the future in this case.

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