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Have you ever asked “Why do I love animals?” I searched and found the answer in some clever words spoken by a great woman. It should serve as an example to all of us. That is how we can make sense of our lives. Here is the answer given by Mother Teresa.

Do not let them go anywhere.

The purpose of these courses is to provide them with the services they need.

Some of them are like glasses, such as glasses and ointments.

The subject of the document is the same as that of the data.

You have to wait a minute.

I see the chicory of their shoes.

In view of the fact that they are inevitable and unforeseeable,

and for the purpose of meeting it, it is also for it.

They are interested in listening to music and chatting.

Listen to life as long as they are in the public domain.

Listen to Lyubov, and try to watch her.

It is because these people do not know and do not know what to do.

And see it as a live hit!

This is one of the three thousand children who have come to love you.

All the photos are my originals

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