Oliver the Chihuahua

This is Oliver. He is our rescue Chihuahua. We found him in our front yard. He weighed less than two pounds when he “arrived.” We did all we could to find his original owner, but didn’t have any luck. We are the lucky ones because we have him now. Naming him was an adventure. My wife wanted to name him “Radar.” If you have to ask why, you didn’t look at his photo! We took a family vote and the name “Oliver” won. We like it and so does he. He also likes it when we call him “Mr. Pickles.” There are times he acts like a Mr. Pickles.

We call him our rescue, but he really rescued us. He loves playing in the backyard with our two other dogs. He even gets along with our cats He is healthy and happy. He now weighs 6.4 pounds, the perfect weight for him. We are so blessed to have Oliver – we thought our family was complete, but it wasn’t.


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Written by Stephen Sutton


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