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Another Duggar On the Way?

It is highly possible another Duggar is on the way. Seeing Josiah and Lauren Duggar have been married five months, the world is expecting...

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Drawing Flowers My daughter is at it again. She just finished her second video for her brand new YouTube Channel. It is another sketch. She hasn't...

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Sketching On Post-It Notes My 12-year-old daughter, Siobhann, submitted this to YouTube. I think she is extremely talented! I am so proud of her and her artwork. She...

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Serial Killer Nicknames

Many serial killers have nicknames. Do you know the serial killers' names or just their nicknames? Take this quiz and find out.

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What sign is the serial killer?

There have been dozens and dozens of serial killers around the world. How informed are you about them? Do you know what their zodiac...

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Another Duggar On the Way?

Drawing Flowers

Sketching On Post-It Notes

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