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My Pet Chickens

I have a total of 7 pet chickens. They are free to roam around the garden and they lay lots of eggs. These chickens were rescued from a horrible egg farm where these chickens were locked in tiny cages. One day we found out the egg farm was going out of business and all the chickens would be slaughtered. I went and purchased 10 chickens just to save them. Unfortunately, 1 died the next day and 2 died a few months later. However, I was left with 7. They are very well behaved chickens and act like other pets. If they see me approaching they run towards me. 

Here they are just enjoying themselves foraging for worms and other insects. 


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  1. Very nice thing to do and you are right; they are kept in horrible conditions at most chicken farms. I’m sorry you lost a couple of them. I hope they didn’t charge you a lot for the chickens. I have two coops of chickens here with a total of 23. I have to keep them in a coop now after a coyote came and snatched one while free roaming.

  2. You are so nice to rescue them! I recently read a blog about backyard chicken, and thought it may be good to keep some chickens and have some eggs. Most importantly, I’d like my children to learn more about taking care of chicken, though I totally have no idea how to do so. 🙂

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