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My dog trying to cool down

I had the idea of getting a cooling mat for my dog when a friend of mine said she had purchased one for her dog.  So when I was shopping the other day I decided to buy one for my dog.  I got the smallest one they had since I’ve only got a small dog.  This cooling me cost me just under £5.  To be honest, I did have to encourage my dog, Ollie, to get on it.  But as you can see, he’s got his head on it, and seems to be enjoying it lol.  And they do work.  I actually tried it myself too!  I got down on the floor with him and laid next to him with my head on the mat.  It’s amazing how these things really do work and cool you down.

When I was in the store buying it, the shop assistant told me they had sold quite a number of these.  As I say, I got the smallest mat, but I noticed they came in 3 sizes – small, medium and large.  I think whoever though of these is a genius.  They are so good this time of year when it’s so hot outside.  The poor animals suffer too, and if things like this can give them a little bit of ease, then I’m up for that.  Have you tried these cooling mats for your pets?  What do you think of them?


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