Hey there! Is it possible that you still don’t know for Vasa, Gizella Wurst, Luna and Gustav/Svetozar/Ljubiša?

Well, Gustav/Svetozar/Ljubiša is just one cat, but we didn’t decided which name to give him, so he has 3. And yeah, my mom told veterinarians that he is Maćoš… Great mom, now he has 4 names ?

So let me just describe them in just one word – crazy!

Look at the photos and upvote your favorite (don’t use downvote please xD)

Also, it will be cool to share with me what’s your favorite of my pets in comments! ?

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#1 Gustav/Svetozar/Ljubiša

What a great day! I spent it to read a fantastic book "will grayson, will grayson" (in native language "vil grejson, vil grejson", while eating Bubbly chocolate and hang out with my cat Gustav/Svetozar/Ljubiša 😀 Btw, you must read the book, it's awesome! It's about two boys with same name and surname - Will Grayson. First Will is cool teen who has a lot of friends, like to hangs out (not so popular in school)... And he has his best friend - the biggest guy he had ever met! Another Will drinks coffee all the day, listen depressive music, like to spends his time with his mother and have just one friend. 🙂

Oh, and you need to try Bubbly chocolate too! xD


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  1. Omg! They’re so very cute, I don’t want to choose cause they’re all my favorites and they have a very beautiful and unique name. I really love these pictures, thanks for sharing ♥️♥️♥️