My Best Friend, Tiggt

Here is a recent photo of my cat Tiggy. Very photogenic, I am sure you will agree! She is now 15 years old, which I know is hard to believe. She is still in excellent health and spirits, and I hope she will go on for many years to come. Some cats live into their twenties after all, so with any luck, Tiggy will be one of those (She’s still got all of her 9 lives intact!) 

What do you think?

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  1. Nice meeting Tiggy. It reminds me of Garfol, our male cat. He’s already old. But I am I could determine how old he is.

    He has sired Garkitty, a very smart kitten. He’s a good mouse catcher. Every he catches one to two mice. Sad to say, however, he was poisoned by unidentified neighbor.

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