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I see the tears of the pulldog

If this story makes you love this animal more then it is my success.

after two years missing dog pull

It was 2 years when the dog Pull that my family suddenly abandoned gone missing without returning. Since then, my family has not raised another animal in the house because of too much pull, dog good and smart.Every time I saw a strange dog running into the yard, I thought Pull was home, but many times it made me and my family have no hope of looking anymore hoping that Pull was a good family. that nurture.I just remembered that the missing day was also when my 6-year-old son strayed to the neighbor that I did not find. When I went to find the dog has followed me but after a while back to see it no longer. Waiting for one day, two days and two months, two years the dog did not return makes me think it has strayed.My family moved to a new home 100 yards away. In the morning, when I got my car ready, I heard moans, and the door raked outside just to make sure the neighbor dog came to the playground. As if with a sense of pride, I pushed the door forward and saw the familiar dog, I thought it was impossible to pull down, suddenly shouted:- Pull! Are you right?

Everybody in the house ran out for sure it was when they just barked a few familiar voices. Undoubtedly, the pull that I miss the night hoping to finally take home. Surprised because after 2 years away it came back so suddenly.The dog saw his master hurried into the hut, but the joy did not last long when 2 minutes after reunion with the dog barking blood, blood in the mouth, nose to run out much to scare the house. . What is not right to bring Pull to the clinic to know that it has a tumor under the neck and no longer live.For two years, Pull was not adopted by any family, he just wandered off the road to find his way home, but perhaps as far away and forget the whole road. Pull look much better than before, too love it that I cry throughout, I consider Pull as a family member. Knowing that I no longer live how long it decided to meet the owner at all costs.When the gas station employee caught up with Pull, who was lying on the side of the road, took it in, and thanks to the chip on his neck people found my home to bring it home. According to the gas station staff said before bringing it in, the dog always carry baby-like sandals, carried out by the person who carried him back to bring his mouth to his mouth.

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