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Have you bonded with your cat yet?

Friday, 2.28.20

This cat looks like Gumby.  Since Gumby moved into my townhouse in December 2008, it took him a week to get used to my place and start bonding with me. I just basically sat by him and talked to him in order to help him connect with me. He was scared, always hiding. But after a week, he started doing everything this cat in the video did. 

Now, it is beyond bonding. He owns my place. He demands. He is vocal about his needs and wants. But he mostly does his own thing until he needs something. 


What do you think?

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  1. I understand what you are saying and why you put the video there. I just lost my cat and knew I still had love to give to another. I decided to take this cat in and changed the name to what I thought her name should be. I do not regret the name I gave her. It took us a while to get to the point where we are today. She hissed at me when the lady left and she went and hid. I forgot what to do in that situation so asked a friend that has cats and she gave me the answers. I put her food and water and toilet by the entrance where she went and hid. I talked to her and she would come out and go back in and then finally came out. She is a challenging cat. I love her and because she was left to die at 2 days old. She never learned about manners. She bites and grabs and still does it but not all the time. So we still have times and issues but it is much better.

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