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Frog – a symbol of luck

In Japan, they are considered to be a symbol of happiness and luck. The Egyptians, related to the frogs, resurrected from the dead and even mummified them. Maybe the Egyptians noticed that some frog “die”, meaning hibernation, and then “reborn “- comes out of hibernation.

Frogs are considered to be one of the most interesting types of amphibians that inhabit our planet. Nevertheless, they are nothing special no different from their colleagues. For many people, they are just disgusting: cold, slippery, wet flooring., as a species, they are quite interesting, and their seeming haze conceals many interesting things.

Interesting Feng Shui mascot trehlapy frog – a symbol of wealth. It is made with a coin in the mouth. They say it attracts not only material wealth, but also can make a man successful and prosperous. This talisman is metal (gold, silver, bronze, steel etc.) or made of some varieties of semi-precious stones. Of its name, it is clear that it has not four but three legs, and eyes – of bright red crystals. This frog usually sits on a pile of coins or golden bars. Sometimes, instead of a coin in the mouth, she holds a pearl. With a trehlapy frog in Buddhism related legends. One Buddha turned a vilain robber into a frog. On the way to Buddha, he lost his leg, God spared his life, but he became a frog that was to spit the stolen money before the end of his days.

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  1. Chinese consider bats, spiders and crickets to be lucky; all three of them eat pests which might spread disease and households that had these animals around would often be spared disease hence the animals were considered lucky. Uncertain whether Japanese considered frogs lucky for a similar reason or not…

  2. I remember a restaurant in the suburb of New Orleans called Senior Frogs or something like that. Whenever I see a frog I was always to myself “Welcome to Senior Frogs restaurant.” The nightlife of Metairie Louisiana is priceless.

  3. When I was young frogs were in the science class and we watched them turn from tadpoles to frogs. It was very interesting. The ones I’ve seen in New Zealand are bright green tree frogs. Now I haven’t seen a frog in New Zealand for years. Great post. Interesting post and I like frogs

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