Explanation in love

I will use laughter to express love among animals. I hope to give you a little joy. And to smile from your heart.

Rat Mouse Explanation:”My siren, my soul is in the trap of love, and I do not want to run away from it, because I am fascinated by the 50 shades of gray on your fur! I’m ready to give all the cheese to the world, I’m ready to get into all the traps of the world, I’m ready to stand up to all the cats of the world to get to the end with you. While the poison divides us … ”

Explanation of the bull to the cow:”Oh my dairy, you are the red color of my life! Listen how my heart pisses me down for you! I’m ready to follow you in a slaughterhouse to be even in the form of beef salami but on a shelf in the shop with you! ”

Explanation of the bear to the bear: “Oh, my sweet honey, all winter I dream of you, and my fur is bristling, but not by the cold in the bore hole, but by the happy thought that when you are near me, no matter how long the winter is, the spring will come!”Explanation of the mole to the mole:”I do not see, love is blind, and I – blind to her too! But while blind, in whatever black hole I find, I see you with your soul, because you are the light at the end of the tunnel! “Explanation of the male bat to the female bat:”My night, you turned my world upside down! But I’m ready for all my life to hang in front of your cave, I’m ready to go to the bottom of the deepest black hole to live forever glued to your wall! “Explanation of frog to frog:”My sweetie, you are the scabbard of my life! I will not take you stars, but flies from the sky, I will sing, parodon – yell, all night before your boola, while I make your heart and feet leap for me. “Explanation of the male stork to the female stork:”My spring, as the seas, oceans and continents will stand between us, I will fly them to prove to you that there are no impossible distances to the wings of love!”Explanation of the male flea to the female flea:”My prick, on all the human heads of the earth there is no second like you! I jump from joy to being bitten when I see you, and so I run the risk of revealing and crushing me. But I prefer to unveil before you and to crush my human hands than you do not notice me and crush my loneliness. ”

Explanation of the donkey to the donkey:”My stubbornness, my words stretch like a donkey on a bridge, I remain silent in front of your beauty.”


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