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Does Your Dog Always Follow You To The Bathroom? This Is What It Is Trying To Tell You

Our dogs have plenty of strange behaviors: freaking out at the vacuum (even though he’s seen it a million times and knows it’s not going to hurt him), licking anything and everything, and destroying things for no reason come to mind.

As a member of your family pack, your dog feels the need to be with you, doing. She may feel vulnerable in your absence.

Below are some of the ways in which how our dogs show us their love to their human:


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  1. My daughter has two Lab/Corgies. A female and male from the same litter, the female brings her presents when she returns from the store or simply going to the mailbox. They will be the only children she has and I’m happy with that.

  2. This is good. I am a trainer, have been for many years. I try to teach all of the pet parents this. This is why dogs don’t fare well being left outside in a fenced yard. They really need to be part of a pack. By putting them in the backyard away from you and the family means in their eyes, you have shunned them. Thank you for this wonderful post.