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The day he ran away from home…

it broke me…it literally broke me. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I spent about 13 hours wondering the streets, looking under all the cars in the parking lot, checking on the streets and praying that a car wouldn’t run him over.

It was Sunday night and I don’t know how on earth I forgot to lock the door. He managed to get out and by the time a realized he was already gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was seeing…my baby gone. I spent the night in the freezing cold outside searching for him but nothing. I came home to drink a glass of warm milk because I was losing my voice from calling his name. A nice lady from a group of people who love cats on social media offered to come and help me search for him. We made posters with his image and distributed them in the neighborhood. at around 3 p.m I came back home and I can say that I almost lost any hope that I would find him.

It turns out in the end that one of my neighbors had him and he wouldn’t admit it at first.

How cruel it must be from an old man not to have a pity of how messed up I was after losing him. Luckily now we’re back together. The picture is the one I took right after I found him


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