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How Come You Can Leave Them Out There; And Wait For Them To Die?

Whether you people watch “Bow Hunting” or “Spear Hunting” videos on the YouTube or not, do it here today; because today, I wish you to have a look on the same in a different way, from a different angle and a different point of view.

I’m warning you that the videos contain “Graphic Content” therefore; I would suggest that ‘watching’ is not a compulsion here; you can skip the visuals and focus on reading instead.

I’m not going to criticize whether why people hut as hunting is very much a legal activity while almost every religion allows hunting too; provided an animal is hunted down for purpose; and not for mere fun. My emphasize, therefore is on “Hunting for Purpose” rather than “Fun Hunting,” which should be best described as “Merciless Hunting” or “Brutal Killing.

The videos I posted above are mere two examples, you may randomly select any similar video(s) of your choice on this subject but you’re likely to find rather observe the following “common factors” in each of them:

  1. The hunter’s aim or target would be the selected animals’ heart or lung region
  2. The victims would always be found running away completely shocked, confused and horrified whether the hell has just pierced through their bones and flesh, crushing its way deep into their heart or lung.
  3. The hunter(s) would be seen knocking their torsos in pride, cheering joyfully on their success and most of the times; laughing aloud over the poor animal’s reaction; totally ignoring the victim’s pain, agony and above all, their helplessness.
  4. The last thing you would notice will be a “Proud Photo Session” over the lifeless body of the fresh kill; with the poor victim never knowing why he was killed anyway.

And this is where I feel sick to my stomach. I simply don’t have proper words to explain or express what feeling it gives to me; when I see these hunters ‘celebrating over the loss of a precious life.’ The ‘triumph’ reflecting through their faces, the evident joy expressed through their gestures and their overall pleasure forces me to think; don’t they have a heart in their chests or don’t they have any feelings at all?

I really wonder how come you can leave a fatally wounded animal out there and then wait in your hideout for the victim to finally die, usually found completely drowned in a pond of its own blood?

Please tell me guys whether I’m overreacting or its natural reaction and you too feel the same way like I do? I’m finished here, now it’s your turn to share your personal point of view; to give me an understanding whether how wrong I am in my approach.


What do you think?

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Written by Nadeem Iftekhar


  1. If your hunting for your food.. I supose.
    But I prefer to Eat me veggies and fruit.
    We she never kill for the sport of it though.
    Thank You for thinking about we sensitive ones with the warning.. That much appreciated..

  2. That is stylish , the bold letters being used , awesome and the thumbnail really amazing , glad to see it in the trending and it surely deserves
    So, no, you are right to feel aghast at the hunting of animals just for the “joy” of watching them die a slow and horrible desk and then to take photos with their corpse and hang parts of them on the wall

  3. I agree with you 100%. I can see absolutely no justification in any “sport” that results in the death of an animal – and I would include angling on that list.

  4. In the old days, hunting was done out of necessity… Either for food or protection.. Sad to say these days it is done for the sake of fun only.

    Good post

  5. Hunting is a part of life, and as anti-gun as so much of the world is we may be left to only hunt with spears and bows again. BUT….a hunter should only hunt for food, or to protect their livestock from things that would kill them. Hunting for food has been a way of life for many cultures, and they don’t take JOY in the THRILL of killing or of leaving an animal to suffer.

    So, no, you are right to feel aghast at the hunting of animals just for the “joy” of watching them die a slow and horrible desk and then to take photos with their corpse and hang parts of them on the wall.

  6. OMG this is horrific! What kind of sadistic bastards get pleasure out of this?! There is NO excuse for hunting unless you have to, to live, to eat. Sick world we live in……