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Cherishing Life

My little cat, Juliana gave birth to three adorable kittens, few hours ago. I was concerned for their lives, because last time, one of two babies couldn’t survive- they were too big for such a small mother. This time I had to massage one baby’s lungs to help it throw out water and start to breathe. Thanks to God, all three are fine now.

I never considered animals less important/ intelligent/sensitive than humans. In fact, the older I am more I prefer company of non-humans. Animals are pure souls like we were once upon our childhood time.

Cats, dogs, birds….. never care about color, body shape, religion, social background or education. Still, we are talking about “enemies” among animals. This is a false term reffering only to people’s relations.  Animals don’t hate each others.

If animals are well feed, they never attack or hurt each others.

We could start learning friendship, respect and humanity from animals.


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  1. I agree. Animals are more fortunate than humans. They do not have mind that discriminates. What we think as our “edge” or “advantage” over animals is, in my mind, actually a bane (curse). Animals live in reality. People live in delusion.

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